How To Download Magnet Links At High Speed Without Utorrent

How To Download Magnet Links At High Speed Without Utorrent

If you are reading this, you are already familiar with torrents and are trying to get Magnet links from the internet without using a torrent client. Refer to Magnet URL Scheme to learn more about Magnet Link in-depth.

So let’s skip the introduction and get on.

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How do Magnet Links work?

Magnet links are similar to hyperlinks but contain all the torrent’s information in hashed values that only torrent downloader clients can decipher. Any local client or online torrent downloader will instantly detect and begin downloading all the content whenever you paste a magnet link into it.

Since there are far too many websites online where you may get torrents. I’ll utilize a favorite of ours.

Make sure you have a decent VPN before checking all torrent websites, as Internet Service Providers frequently restrict these. For more working sites, visit Best Torrent Sites – Working.

If you want even more anonymity for your browsing history, you may even set up your own self-hosted VPN server. Additionally, we addressed that for you here: How to Create a VPN on Your Own

Procedures for Downloading Magnet Links

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Copy your magnet link from your choice of torrent sites.

Copy it exactly as seen below, then press the Plus icon or enter to paste it.

dowload magnet link via seedr
dowload magnet link via seedr

Your magnet link will be added and downloaded to your online account in seconds.

You can browse a folder to see all the files and download the ones you require after downloading a magnet link.

Right-click on the files to open the context menu, then select Copy Download Link to begin downloading them.

Paste the link in a browser or download manager to begin the download.

copy download link seedr
copy download link seedr

You can choose the section of the torrent you want to download by utilizing this method.

It is quick, easy, and accessible.

Utilizing a torrent client to download magnet links

You can follow these instructions to download magnet links using a torrent client if you use any clients for downloading large file sizes.

The market has many torrent clients, including uTorrent, BitTorrent, QBittorrent, Web Torrent, Tribler, Vuze, and many others.

To add a magnet link from one of your favorite torrent sites to a torrent client, follow a method that is essentially the same for all clients.

You can use the torrent client of your choice. In this post, we will demonstrate it using BitTorrent.

Observe this advice when installing any torrent client on your computer or laptop. They may attempt to install numerous free antivirus and search engine programs if you click Accept and Next throughout the installation procedure.

Steps for BitTorrent Magnet Links Download

Launch BitTorrent and select “Add Torrent From URL” from the File Menu.

BitTorrent user interface
BitTorrent user interface

Your magnet link will be asked for in a pop-up window.

add torrent from URL in BitTorrent
add torrent from URL in BitTorrent

Once you’ve entered the magnet link and chosen the location where you wish to save the file, hit OK once more.

Your download will begin right away.

downloading via magnet links
downloading via magnet links

We recommend using an online torrent downloader if you don’t need to download huge files to prevent installing pointless programs loaded with adware.

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