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Kickass Proxy Mirror Sites| Kickass Proxy List For 2023 (100% Working) – KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents Proxy and Mirror

While US authorities took the actual KickassTorrents website offline a few years ago, other imitation websites have since appeared online.


These websites are copies of the original site that we have listed on this page. Although it might not be the actual thing, it functions like the KickassTorrents website.

These clone websites, which are periodically updated, are also known as proxy and mirror websites. The websites are typically shut down due to DMCA complaints from software and movie studios because they permit users to download copyrighted products.

KickassTorrents Proxy and MirrorπŸ†

Kickass MIRROR # 1Status
https://official-yts.com/ πŸ‘ŒOnline 24/7 (Recommended πŸ’– )
https://yify.uno/ πŸ‘ŒOnline/NO ADS ❀
https://yts-official.com/ πŸ₯‡Online
https://yts.gift/ πŸ₯‰Online
https://yts.plus/ πŸ₯‰Online
https://yts.promo/ πŸ₯‰Online
https://yts.red/ πŸ₯‰Online
https://yts.pics/ πŸ₯‰Online
https://yifystatus.live/ πŸ₯‡Online
https://ytsproxies.co/ πŸ₯‡Online
http://yifymovies.bio/ βœ…Online
http://yifytv.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsag.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsam.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsautos.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsio.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsmovies.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsrs.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytss.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytstv.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytstvseries.bio/ βœ…Online
http://1337x.bio/ βœ…Online
http://1337x.help/ βœ…Online
http://eztv.wiki/ βœ…Online
http://rarbg.store/ βœ…Online
http://zooqle.ink/ βœ…Online
Kickass MIRRORStatus
https://1337xproxies.com/ ❀Online
https://yts.health/ βœ…Online
https://yifyproxies.com/ βœ…Online
1.https://yts.health/ βœ…OnlineVery Fast
2.https://yify.world/ βœ…OnlineVery Fast
10.https://yify.cam/OnlineVery Fast
22.https://yify.ms/OnlineVery Fast
31.https://yts-mx.co/ βœ…OnlineFast

You might not be able to access some of the mentioned torrent sites since your ISP may have prohibited them. You will require a VPN to access the site in such circumstances. A VPN is essential to keep yourself hidden from your ISP because accessing torrent websites may be prohibited in some nations.

These proxy/mirror websites are run and controlled by various administrators. Since they will look identical, they may perform slightly differently.

Should I use KickassTorrents?πŸ†

KickassTorrents Proxy and Mirror

You can check many different alternative websites if you want to download torrents. The Pirate Bay, the top torrent website in the world right now, is one of them.

However, adjusting to a new torrent site might be challenging. So, whether or not you use the new KickassTorrents sites is entirely up to you.

When will the original KickassTorrents website be back?πŸ†

The original website will likely be back sometime soon. A long time has gone by since the US government deleted the website.

The original KAT website can reemerge online with a new domain name because the domain’s original owner got it taken away. Although it is unknown to us, it might have already done so.

About KickassTorrentsπŸ†

KAT, or KickassTorrents, was a website where torrents could be downloaded. The website receives over a million daily visitors because it enables free copyrighted software and movie downloads. The US authorities took down the website because it was being used to disseminate unlawful content.

The KickassTorrents website claimed to adhere to the DMCA and remove any copyrighted content when discovered. However, the staff never did so, leading to the site’s removal.


The website’s creator, Artem Vaulin, launched it in 2008, and it quickly became the most popular torrent website. As of October 2017, KickassTorrents had a global Alexa ranking of 1,572, placing it as the 69th most popular website on the internet.

Captured servers

In July 2016, US officials seized the website’s servers and deleted the domain name. The expulsion followed a two-year probe that started when Vaulin was accused of a felony by the US Department of Justice.

After the confiscation, many mirror domains were made, and the original KAT forum was revived. Volunteers are maintaining the website, and countries including Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, and Malaysia have all banned it.

Despite being restricted, the website nevertheless receives millions of daily visitors. The primary reason is that many users have switched to other torrent websites or begun utilizing VPNs to mask their IP addresses.

KickassTorrents is one of the most well-known torrent websites; however, many others are available online. This is primarily because it provided many movies and TV shows and was one of the first websites to offer magnet links.

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Sites for torrents like KickassTorrents

The Pirate Bay And YIFY became more well-known after it was taken down in 2016. However, these websites have issues because the government frequently takes them down.

Running torrent websites is getting increasingly complex because of all the ongoing lawsuits and investigations. This is likely to continue. Therefore users will need to be more careful while downloading copyrighted information in the future.

Despite this, there are many places to share and download data using torrent services. They provide a wide variety of content and are frequently rather simple to utilize. Torrent websites can be a good method to get content unavailable in your country, so long as you care to secure your identity.

Are there any similar websites to KickAss?πŸ†

Many file-sharing websites are currently the finest for downloading torrents, even though some might still need to be satisfied with the KickAss sites we provided above.

Top alternatives for KickassTorrents

The following KickassTorrents substitutes are incredibly user-friendly. As a result of the large number of users who are peer-to-peer, torrent downloads should be speedy.




KickassTorrents: What is it?

KickassTorrents (KAT) is a website that makes torrent files and magnet links available to support BitTorrent-based peer-to-peer file sharing. Since its debut in 2008, it has been among the most widely used torrent websites.

What does KickassTorrents serve?

KAT’s primary goal is to enable peer-to-peer file sharing by offering an online index of torrent files and magnet links. The website also hosts user-generated content, such as uploaded works protected by intellectual property. As a result, copyright owners have brought many legal challenges against it.

How does Kickass Torrents function?

Users can distribute files directly between their machines using the peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol. You actually download a smaller file that carries the URL of the larger file on the internet when you download a torrent file from KAT. Once a BitTorrent client like uTorrent has opened this torrent file, it can connect to other users who have already downloaded the same torrent file and download the required data from them.

What is a magnet link?

A magnet link is a unique kind of hyperlink that lets users download torrent files from KAT instantly. Your BitTorrent client will launch and download the relevant files when you click on the magnet link instead of the torrent link.

In my BitTorrent client, how can I add a torrent?

You can add a torrent in several different ways using a BitTorrent client. One option is to use the pop-up menu when right-click the magnet link and choose β€œCopy link address.” In your BitTorrent client’s β€œadd torrent” dialog box, paste the copied link after launching it. The magnet link can also be dropped into the BitTorrent client window through drag-and-drop.

What is a .torrent file?

A .torrent file is a compact file that contains all the data required to use the BitTorrent protocol to download a bigger file. You are downloading this tiny file when you download a torrent from KAT. Once you’ve downloaded the torrent file, you can use any BitTorrent client to open it and begin downloading the requested contents.

I want to download movies and TV series, but where can I get the .torrent files?

On the home page of KAT, you can generally find the .torrent files for movies and TV shows. On the KAT website, not all torrents are hosted, though. You may need to utilize a torrent search engine or visit other websites to look for the torrent file.

How can I tell if downloading a torrent is secure?

It is impossible to know whether a torrent is safe to download. To learn which torrents are secure and which are not, you can utilize various web tools, including TorrentFreak.

What should I do if a torrent I downloaded has a virus?

You should run an antivirus program scan on your computer if you think you got a virus from a torrent. Additionally, you ought to refrain from downloading torrents from shady websites.

How can I ensure that downloading torrents is secure on my computer?

You can take some precautions to keep your computer secure when downloading torrents. Installing and maintaining an antivirus application should come first. Second, only download torrents from reputable websites. Finally, before downloading a torrent, you should always read the comments.

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